Law Enforcement Links

The Amber alert is an important Law Enforcement tool,
designed to ensure the safety of kidnapped children.
The Code Amber Project,, provides these "web tickers",
in order to keep the public updated in the event of an actual Amber Alert.

Put the ticker on your website by clicking below.

Amber Alerts in the United States

Amber Alerts in Canada

We shall never forget the tragic events of 9/11/2001.

Nor shall we forget the heroes, victims and family who have sufferred, lost and given so much
of themselves in order to save, for the rest of us, those freedoms we so often take for granted.

Strike the Box - Firefighter tattoos

Check out the variety of Firefighter tattoos on this site.
You can find mine there as well.

The Midwest Gang Investigators Association

The association is dedicated to the sharing of information about gangs,
gang violence, and what we in Law Enforcement can do to eradicate the
problem plaguing our inner cities and even our rural areas.

Blueline Tees

These guys have a great selection of Law Enforcement products and apparel.

A lot of Law Enforcement Officers out there have their own websites.

Support your local Law Enforcement Officers.