Firearms Links

Glock Perfection Handguns

I have become very partial to Glock handguns,
the .40 variety in specific. My duty weapon of choice
is the Glock Model 23.


I have finally added a Model 1911 to my collection.
The Kimber Custom Stainless TLE II is the civilian version of the LAPD SWAT sidearm.
Right out of the box, this gun is a tack driver. I have never shot anything more accurate.

Kahr Arms

My newest carry gun is the Kahr Arms PM9.
This pocket sized 9mm pistol packs a lot of punch in a small frame.

Walther America Handguns

I recently purchased a Walther P22 strictly for the range.
The .22lr pistol is more economical to shoot than the Glocks,
and considerably more fun!
If you are looking for a good gun to shoot cheaply, this is it.

National Rifle Association (NRA)

Really, need I say more?

The International Defensive Pistol Association

Now that I have a competition class pistol (the Kimber TLE II),
I have decided to enter into the world of defensive pistol competition.
Here is the Internet home of the IDPA.

The Firing Line

These guys have the best indoor shooting range I have ever used,
and also a wide selection of guns for purchase and rental.

Lone Wolf Distributors, Inc.

Top Glock

Tactical Intervention Specialists