My Pictures

My Great-Uncle Constantine (Gus) and I (circa 1975). Check out the shoes!

Me, much more recent. A Little better, what do you think?

Part of the cast of "Drop Dead!" , written by Billy VanZandt and Jane Milmore.
Directed by Paul T. Carras and Produced by John P. Inloes.

Ingrid Eggertsen, Mandy Blake, Anne S. Rhoades, Nona Bennett

The cast of "Moby Dick Rehearsed" , written by Orson Welles.
Co-directed by Paul T. Carras and John P. Inloes.

Front: David Wolber
2nd Row: Leslie Larkins, James Ingagiola, Scott Hoye, Curt Fish
3rd Row: Karen Foran, Owen Wittekindt, Tom Vesota, Tom Underwood
Back: Rob Sulewski, Jon Elliott (almost visible)

The cast and crew of "Office Hours" , written by Canadian playwright Norm Foster.
Directed and produced by Paul T. Carras.

Front Row: Anne S. Rhoades, Randy Stewart, Zehra Berkman, Jeff Steiger
Back Row: Carolyn Broughton, Heather Chockley, Paul T. Carras, Tom Vesota, Jon Elliott

(Illustration by Clinton Snider for HOUR Detroit magazine)

The graphic above was created especially for an article written by
George Bulanda for the July 1998 edition of HOUR Detroit Magazine.